The BBC Banned My Response Video—Abi Jaiyeola Expose

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The BBC Banned My Response Video—Abi Jaiyeola Expose

The BBC banned my video that I did as a response for the video they had made on me!

That video had a lot of views, a lot of comments from you guys saying that the BBC are liars and that they have an agenda. I got a copyright strike on it, and boom! After a few days the video disappears.

I had put a tiny snippet of their video and they put a copyright claim on it. They had filmed me unauthorized and played it in their report.

I request the BBC to come down to my house, film me, do a financial freedom challenge with me!

I am going to re-upload that video again while eliminating the clip of theirs.

My Thoughts On BBC’s Video 

The entire show felt like weak journalism from the get-go. They were trying to put in their narrative. They showed a six-second clip of me saying, “I’m going to punch you in the throat.” I’d said that jokingly in one of my videos which was ten minutes long, and they took a tiny portion of it and played it in their show with eerie music. That is like trying to give a really bad first impression!

Then they talked about how they found out that I was doing magic shows as recent as six years ago. Those pictures are of me that I had published myself! Yes, six years ago, I used to perform magic tricks in my brother’s and his friend’s entertainment agency called Slightly Unusual. The fact that the BBC didn’t even bother getting in touch with Slightly Unusual to learn about what I’d been doing there shows that they just wanted to present their narrative.

When you’re financially free, you can do anything you want to do. Yes, I was working as a magician at Slightly Unusual, but that was because I loved performing. Moreover, my payment used to go to charities that I was associated with. Furthermore, I was also climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, writing books, gospel songs, and much more, but none of that was covered by the BBC. Instead, they just showed a clip of me working as a magician and said that why does a man who claims to be a millionaire need to work as a magician. I mean, come on!

Next, they said that most of my customers are unhappy. That’s not true. In fact, 90% of my customers are happy. My business practically runs on word-of-mouth. If my customers were this unhappy, my business wouldn’t be running this well. Moreover, I have had more than 20,000 people take my live training sessions. They took only TWO people and asked them about their experience. TWO?

The reporter Abbey said that there was a lot of hard selling on my training. What she didn’t say was that she came to the show, we gave everybody a form to fill—a no-obligation form that they could fill out if they wanted to that had all the pricing and everything. She took the form, filled it, submitted it, and went back to her home, SLEPT ON IT, came back to us next morning, had a private conversation with us. And when we asked her how she would like to pay for the training, suddenly she freaked out and called it hard selling. How is that even fair?

The next thing I’m about to tell you is the most heartbreaking for me. This is where the BBC showed the message I’d posted on my Facebook after Dany Butcher took his life with a laughing picture of me. How could anyone do that? Dany was one of my students, I was gutted when I learned that he took his life. Next they said that an army veteran took his life after being on my course. How can you say that? You could have said anything else, but instead you associated his death with my course. Nobody knows what was going on in Dany’s head when he took his life. So how could you associate that with me?

I want to ask the BBC:

  •         Why did they try to be suggestive about a suicide of which they have no evidence?
  •         Why did you choose only two people out of 20,000 of my students?
  •         Why did you demonize my character?
  •         Did you come with an agenda?
  •         Will the BBC do a financial freedom challenge with me?

Wrapping Up

I’d like to thank all those people who have supported me throughout all of this. I see a few people putting up false allegations of me in the comments of my YouTube videos but there are as many people defending me, for which I’m very grateful.

I’ll keep making videos, keep educating, because your success is my oxygen! I thank all of you once again for supporting me on my YouTube channel. 

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