21 Years Old and Set For Life

In Samuel’s latest video he sits down to chat with 21 year old John Raybould who within months of joining the Property Investors academy is now financially free and set for life.


John starts by telling us a bit about his background and how he came across the Academy.


“I was in my first year of university and my dad brought an investment property which he wanted me to do up but I had absolutely no interest in property at the time and wanted to just focus on my Law Degree.”


“ I happened to find and read Samuel’s book and that propelled me into the idea of renting.”


Samuel and John then go on the discuss how John’s dad although into old school property developing was very skeptical about attending the Property Investors Crash Course even though the tickets were free. They discuss how it can be hard to push forward in property when you have a family member who is a bit reluctant of modern property strategies.


John goes on to share what his University friends think now he has become so successful and financially free through property.


“ They are very supportive and call me a property mogul! ”


Samuel and John go on to discuss what it’s like when you get haters and how to overcome obstacles and face them head on.


To find out more about John’s road to financially freedom check out the video above……


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