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7 Reasons to Buy Property Now in 2020!

Samuel Leeds

7 Reasons to Buy Property Now in 2020!

In  this article, I’m going to be giving you the seven reasons as to why I love investing in property. 

I’ve been investing in property for 12 years now and I’ve made millions of pounds doing so as I really like it. Unlike a lot of people that make a lot of money doing something, they always try to keep their cards close to their chest as they try and put other people off doing it.


Whereas on the opposite, I’ve made so much money in property, I’ve brought my family in, I’ve brought my friends in, and also set up a training company, which, by the way, I make no money from, and I don’t take a salary from or any dividends at all. I love doing it. 

I love teaching people about property as I love inspiring people to invest in property and so, I thought I’d write an article giving you the seven reasons as to why you should invest in property right now.

High Demand

The very first reason is that people will always need somewhere to live no matter what the economy is doing. And this is why I love buying property so much. 

People always say that  it’s a bit risky, but what could happen? The house might go down in value but the bottom line is that if you buy a house, it’s always going to give you rent because someone somewhere always needs to live in a house.

A few years ago, people were trying to persuade me as I actually had a meeting with Lord Sugar and he was asking me, why don’t you invest in commercial property or buy commercial property? I really respect Lord Sugar, but I’m really glad I didn’t take his advice on that point.

He gave me a lot of other good advice, to be fair, because commercial properties right now are not renting out very easily. In fact, right now people are buying commercial properties and they’re converting them into residential properties for people to live in and I just feel like when you’re buying homes, it’s a very safe investment, because even if people run out of money and even if people can’t afford to do fancy holidays, then they’re still going to need somewhere to live as they’re still going to need to pay rent.

If you own the houses you’re always going to be OK financially. 

House Shortage

There is still a massive shortage of houses and an over population of people. I’m in the UK right now which is a very small island.

When you look at the UK, it’s actually smaller than it appears on the globe because we blow it up on the Global map to boost our egos, because we are The Great Britain but it’s a tiny island.

The massive shortage of houses and overpopulation of people is only going to get bigger as a problem because people are divorcing like crazy. I don’t like divorces and I don’t think it’s a nice thing but when these divorces happen, one family suddenly becomes two and then there needs to be more houses for these separate families to occupy. 

People are also being born into this country and other people are fighting to come into this country literally, and not just this country, if you if you’re anywhere in the world right now, there’s over seven billion people on the planet and that is scary high.

People are literally freaking out saying there’s not enough space on the planet and so, if you buy land and you buy houses, then there’s only one way that they’re going to go down the line. I think that’s what my mom once said, don’t wait to buy land but buy land and wait.

property value

Property Value Appreciates

Properties hold their value better than nearly any other investment, as well as producing cash flow.

If you put your money in the bank, the money is going to shrink as the money’s going to depreciate in value because the cost of living is going up over time but the money stays the same. The money is going to become worthless, not worthless, but worth less over time. 

Properties hold their value and over time, they appreciate and I love that about property. Not only do they appreciate their value and you get capital appreciation, but also they give you rent as you get paid twice in property, once in capital appreciation, and through rent from your tenants.

If you want to invest in the stock market, you can’t get a mortgage on the stocks whereas in property, you can borrow traditionally seventy five percent of the purchase price from a bank.and that’s just amazing.

And by the way, interest rates are lower than they’ve been since the sixteen hundreds. As the banks are lending out money, which means that you can buy more properties, get more capital appreciation and get more rent. And also, when the property goes up, you can borrow more money against it, refinance it, pull money out as you won’t be paying any tax on debt. 

Leverage Other Peoples Money

The other thing I love about property is  that you can leverage other people’s money as you can leverage the bank’s money in your property deals. 

You can also do joint ventures and raise the finances as it’s a flexible industry.

There are not many investments where you can use other peoples money as you invest in your own personal deals.

Property is Brick & Mortar

I love that I can visit one of my investments, you know, something physical that I can see and understand what’s going on. I can be driving around Birmingham and I’m like, that’s my house.

No one can steal it from you because it’s attached to the ground, you know. People say the queen could technically steal it but that’s not going to happen as you know, you own gold. It can also get robbed, you got money in the bank, the bank can go bust and if you saved up loads of money and you put it in the bank, you lose everything.

property investing

Negotiate Prices

You can negotiate to buy property below market value.

There’s a lot of investments where the price is the price. If  you’re doing gold, silver or Bitcoin, the price is just the price at the moment.

But in property, I’m going to find someone really motivated and I’m going to buy cheap and that’s a great skill. The fact that you can buy it cheap and the fact that if you’re a people’s person who knows how to network with the right people, you can get massively discounted bargain properties. 

Make Money from Property

You can invest money in property, but you can also make money from it. The pie is big enough for everybody. What do I mean by that?

If you haven’t got any money right now, you can package a deal and negotiate the price down.

You can’t invest in it, but you can sell the deal on to somebody else and so, the pie is so big as you can do rent to rent where you can control the property without buying it and make money from the monthly cash flow. 

I love that you can  make money as a property entrepreneur and an investor which is really a good investment for anyone.

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