A NEW Opportunity for UK Property Investing? Property Investors Podcast #9

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Once again welcome back to the property investors podcast. 

On this week episode, the guys discuss how student accommodation prices have risen by nearly a third.

One who isn’t surprised at the rise in prices is Alasdair. The reason for the stark rise in rents is due to the standard of the accommodation becoming more upmarket.

As the focus turns to a more upmarket style of accommodation the prices are expected to increase. This has forced students to request more for the rents they are paying, such as en suites, more space, and better living conditions.

Student accommodation was originally one of the reasons why Alasdair was interested in property investing to begin with.

A reputation that student accommodation comes are the conditions of the properties as Alasdair would say “they are a dive!” But now the time has come for the properties to be more modernized and the students compensated for the fees they pay.

Russell also attributes the rise with the statistic that prices for students were previously set out at 58% of student loans but this figure has increased to 73%.

For more views and in-depth topic discussions take a listen to episode #9.


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