Advice for a property investor

Advice for a property investor

In this clip, Samuel sits down with team player Ben Mak. Together they rattle through the best advice for a property investor. Actually, the gems in this video can be applied to anybody, in any business. If you are looking for advice for a property investor, you are in the right place. In this article, we will touch on a few golden nuggets. You can watch the video for the rest of them!

First, let’s highlight the magnificence of Ben who doesn’t just bring amazing value to our team. He is also an amazing a fashion designer who has achieved television recognition for his creations. Ben has been contacted by Virgin to design elements of their brand new line of cruise ships. He believes he got to his position by simply working harder (and smarter) than his peers. As Samuel says, ‘If you keep having a break, you’ll always be broke’.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice rests and pleasures in life so that you can focus on your business. In line with that, he also advises property investors to not get complacent and start making unnecessary luxury purchases. If you’re paying for a holiday or purchasing jewellery, make sure it’s tax deductible from your business or it’s coming out of your passive income. Be frugal!

Another great piece of advice is about the level of work you produce. If you want something from someone, you can’t just be good. You need to be embarrassingly good. That means you need to produce such incredible work on a regular basis that the person you’re pitching to feels embarrassed not to give in to your demands. It works for employees looking for promotion, entrepreneurs looking for investment etc.

There are several other bits of advice in this video which you need to make note of!


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