Are Rich People Jerks?

Samuel Leeds

Are Rich People Jerks

I haven’t really done an article like this before but today I’ll be giving out information of whether rich people are jerks.

I’ve done a study on rich people as I’ve also done a little study on poor people and i’m going to be telling you what my conclusion is on rich people and poor people and how they think very differently.

My study on rich people versus the poor people whether the rich people are jerks, in my opinion, the answer is no they are not jerks and there’s no correlation between how nice you are as a person and how much money you have.

You can have a lot of money and be an absolute jerk and you can have no money and you could be an absolute jerk.

You can also have a lot of money and be really nice or have no money and be the humblest person on this planet.

Most of my property deals, I use other people’s money and if I use my own money, that goes against everything I teach as I teach on how to use other people’s money such as the banks and investors.

That’s what I’ve always done and that’s what I’ll continue to always do and so, I don’t think there’s anything really strange especially when it’s such a big project that needs a few million pounds just on the renovation.

I’m not just talking being financially poor as you can be rich but not have loads of money because you can be rich because you can live a fulfilled life and you can achieve what you wanted to achieve. Successful people value their time and they value other people’s time as well whereas poor people and unsuccessful people do not value their time because they will waste their time more than often.

Someone will be half an hour late to a meeting and be like there’s no problem everything’s fine but you’re half an hour late and for me, everything’s not fine and there’s a big problem. In fact, if you’re half an hour late, i’m not going to be there.

I value my time as you won’t see me ever washing my own car when I could just pay someone 10 pounds an hour to do it for me. I value my time and poor people don’t value their time.

I used to be poor while growing up and these 10 things i’m going to share with you are the poor minded stuff I would have done.\

When you start growing a business, you need to start employing people. If you ever want to be successful and have a big business that makes you a lot of money, you need to start letting go.

To say that no one can wash your car apart from you is kind of arrogant of course because there’s someone who can probably wash your car.

When I started studying how rich people think, I realized that actually, If I think like them, then maybe, I’ll be wealthy and I believe that what you think about and how you think will determine your level of success.

Honestly, I used to think that when I’m grown up, I’m going to work really hard as I’m going to be okay because i’m a hard worker and then I see some of my friends that we went to school together working really harder than me.

They’re plasterers and they’re working like 80 hours a week driving around as they’ve always got red eyes.

It’d be offensive to say that they don’t work hard as I’ve been to slums of India and I’ve been to rural parts of Africa where people work extremely hard and yet receive low pays and so, don’t tell me that they don’t work hard as they’re hard workers whereas rich people work smart.

The next thing is that, poor people are too choosy as they say things like I’d rather just be happy though it’s like saying I don’t want a big business and I just want to focus on my family.

I’m usually pretty open and chill doing interviews with people and yeah poor people are entitled whereas rich people don’t expect anything for free.

In conclusion, rich people tend to take their time seriously as they value it by doing things that will bring positive impact to the society and their businesses in general unlike the poor people that are just interested in spending money that they don’t have through taking bad debt that lead them to not achieve financial independence.

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