Are you naive enough to win in business?

Samuel says he was foolish enough to give property investment a go, among waves of criticism from naysayers around him. It was his naivety, all those years ago, which drowned out the negativity and the supposed realism, allowing him to take a chance on a potentially life-changing idea – and boy, did it change his life!

In this episode of Samuel Leeds’ new podcast, his brother Russell Leeds scrapes beneath the surface and extracts some interesting insights from his superstar sibling. Samuel says you should start with a naive dream and turn it into a goal, then turn your goal into a business plan and then take action!

Samuel read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki which inspired him to attend property events. At this time, his ambition was to simply own a house which he completed at 17 years old. He poured his ‘life-savings’ into it. How can someone have ‘life-savings’ at such a young age? Find out in this episode.

Weird Fact: Did you know? Samuel used to iron his money!

What kind of attitude does a successful person need to have? What are the good traits of successful people? How did Samuel and Russell grow up with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Discover all of the above and more by watching!

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