Avoid these people!


In life there will always be people who want to see you do well. And there are many, hundreds if-not thousands who would rather you do worse than them. Avoid these people! The trick is figuring out who is who and refining your ability to surround yourself with the cream of the crop. Be brave enough to change your environment. Construct a power-team of lovely supportive people who not only encourage you, but challenge you to reach for more, not less.

In today’s video Samuel shares his advice on this topic.


That is s quite the statement! What do I mean by this?

Success and a change of direction in your personal journey will often be met with resistance and hesitancy. In fact, it’s completely normal for those closest around you to come from a self assured place. They will extend to you the word of wisdom and call you back to the comfortable routines you had previously established. Where you see risk, they see not a life-altering opportunity but an apocalyptic ‘this is the end’. Friends and family will come from a loving place and don’t get me wrong, nobody can blame them for wanting to protect you. It’s natural and in many ways it’s good to have someone who checks if you’re in over your head from time to time.

However, there’s a fine line between caring and looking out for you and ultimately deciding your future for you. Judgement and criticism, the never ending “be careful” and “we’ll see” and Del boy references. It’s the ebb and flow everyone goes through when becoming a property investor.


Be sure to watch the full video. Hear the success story of a young lady who became financially free through Samuel’s training in just six months! If you’re a university student wondering if it’s even possible for you, look no further!

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