Best wishes from Uganda!

Hey! I am Denis Kwarisiima from Kabale, Uganda in East Africa and my passion is helping fellow youths from my community come out of addiction which has been problematic here for quite some time. My story changed even more when the Samuel Leeds Property Investment team from England came to Uganda Kabale at the Kirigime guest house and I felt inspired to change lives even more.


We had an amazing time with the team, exchanging stories and learning from two different cultures which bought us even closer together. Since their visit, we have provided interest free loans to our youths in order to help them establish a business and learn invaluable skills in the workforce. I also started my own coffee restaurant business after learning from the team which is only two months old and doing very well. I started it out of the pure excitement I got from the team which motivated me to stop thinking about it and just do it. Every Saturday evening we meet at my restaurant to discuss what everyone has achieved so far, and the next action they are going to take to meet their financial goals. Many youths who have been addicted are unmotivated and unemployed. However, when I show them Samuel’s YouTube videos they feel inspired to change and to start to earning a living. This is great for me because my mission is to impact as many youths lives I can by shaping their future through good business education. I have also employed three youths who work at my coffee restaurant and I am hoping to expand this over time as my business grows.


My next goal is to start a rehabilitation centre in Western Uganda where I can use my skills to guide and counsel more youths who need my help. When I meet new youths for the first time I always show them Samuel’s property investment YouTube channel because if it inspired me to achieve what I have in such a short space of time, I know it will be incredibly valuable to them.


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