Books for Property Investors

Books for property investors

Are you looking for books for property investors? We recommend ‘Buy Low, Rent High’ and ‘Financial Freedom in 7 days’ which are both by Samuel Leeds. A third suggestion is ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. These three will hold you in good stead.  They will also give you a solid foundation in terms of mindset, tactics and knowledge.

It’s that time again! Your weekly dose of Samuel’s undivided attention is here. If you want to get him to answer your niggling questions, you just need to leave a comment on YouTube. In this episode, he covers a lot of ground from HMO’s to book recommendations and much more. Sunday Q&A feels like the perfect way to finish a week and get your mindset right for the next one. So, grab a comfy seat and a drink, and prepare to be informed. We recommend you pause and rewind each time you hear something that’s relevant to you, then write it down.

In this video, Samuel discusses Article 4 which prevents you from converting a property into a HMO. He predicts that most of the UK will be covered by this rule in 5 years from now. Last year he invested in Doncaster just in time and this year he says the focus is on Birmingham. The great benefit of getting your property before Article 4 comes in is that you acquire Grandfather Rights. This means you can have a HMO, regardless of the rule change. You’ll get automatic planning permission and you’ll be streets ahead of the competition who come in post-article 4.

There are so many more gems and golden nuggets to be grabbed from this episode. Remember, if you have a niggling question which you want to have answered, just submit it in the comment section below the video.

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