Can anyone be a property investor?

Can anyone be a property investor?

Can anyone be a property investor? The answer is yes, of course. Some of our more eagle-eyed viewers will remember the chap in the thumbnail. Check out the #MyFFChallenge – you’ll see the full story of what happened when Samuel met Glen. Samuel took on the challenge of converting a sceptical person, stuck in a rut into someone who has a successful mindset with real freedom. Now, several months later Glen returns to speak with Samuel about his progress and experiences since the challenge.

Get ready to watch a real candid, honest discussion. One of the things which they discuss is the lease option agreement nightmare which developed. The deal was disastrous because the tenants were terrible. From drug addicts to self-harmers, Glen had got himself into a horrible mess. There were police and paramedics involved, it was an unfortunate situation. The cause of this was the fact that Glen was panicking to get the property filled, so he neglected to vet the tenants. He was trying to run before he could walk.

He decided to flush all of those tenants out and start afresh. The problem reoccured. There were continuous squabbles and troubles between them. That’s when he realised, when you are trying to fill a HMO property with tenants, you need to be strategic with your tenant type. You should get tenants who have similar lifestyles, schedules and jobs. Now, his property is occupied by nurses and he has no real issues. It’s a good idea to find your ideal type of tenant, stick with it and target them only.

If you want to learn more about Glen’s experience, you can watch the video. If you want to turn your life around and change the way you live, come along to the free crash course.