Can You Do BRRR for HMO Property Investments? | Q&A Sunday with Samuel Leeds

Can You Do BRRR for HMO Property Investments? | Q&A Sunday with Samuel Leeds

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0:52 My fiancé and I just made 30k on our first home (unintentionally from COVID), we are now moving into a caravan and using that money to get our first BTL. Are we being stupid? What would you do in our situation?

3:07 Are lease options corporate lets?

3:36 As a first-time buyer, would you buy a house now with 15% deposit or wait for a few months until it gets back to 5%?

4:38 Would it be best to buy properties to rent as individuals Or through a limited company? If you buy properties as individuals how do you get the best tax relief? Is it more difficult to get a mortgage under a business (with higher interest rates)? You say you have most of your rental houses as an individual, how do you make it work?

7:23 What is the selective licence I need for each property that I own? I heard it costs £500 for 5 years… 8:59 I am buying a BRRR property that is taking forever to complete. My solicitor has asked if we wish to get another Local Water and Draining Search because they are nearly one year old now. Should we carry out fresh searches or not bother?

10:00 I’m currently working away from home saving as hard as I can to try and start making my money work for me, I’ve managed to build about £20,000 worth of equity in my current house but I’m crippled by fear of falling flat on my arse and everything not working out, what’s the absolute first move to make?

11:24 you may find my question stupid but I want to know that is rent 2 rent strategy well-known because I went to 3 real estate agent they said this strategy don’t work. Love your, content big fan.

13:22 I have money to invest, but CURRENTLY time-poor. There is very little property on the market where I live and I don’t have the time to travel far, so I’m considering the Deal Source option. What can I expect to be included in the deal? Should it include recommendations for builders, agents, management etc?

14:30 Is it the best time to buy commercial property (retail)?

15:00 Can u do BRRR for HMO?

15:26 Regarding the HMO, if we buy a house and refurb to a 4 beds HMO (no HMO license is needed) in an area before the Article 4 implementation, Will there any impact if this area implements article 4 next year? will it be okay to run this HMO legally? or should I need to apply for the license afterwards? Another question, if there is no need to apply for HMO license for those house less than 4 beds, can I still can convert a house to a 4 beds HMO in an area under article 4? Who is going to check whether or not this house is converted before or after the article 4 implementation if there is no requirement for applying for HMO license? BTW, do you have an online crash course? how I can join it?

17:03 When a limited company buys a residential property to ‘fix and flip’ do they have to pay stamp duty when buying? If so, what percentage?

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