Can you work and do property?

Can you work and do property?

At our events, many people approach us with the question, “Can you work and do property?” The answer is yes. Stuart Bell is living proof of this. He is one of our successful students. Having arrived at our Crash Course in early 2019, he equipped himself with the knowledge and the mindset required to take his life to the next level.

Stuart wanted to earn the kind of money he facilitates other people to make in his day job as a surveyor. How many of you reading this can relate to that? Well, now Stuart is making £2500 per month from just one deal. If you want to get a piece of the property pie to make your life easier, you need to follow his advice and take action. He still has his full-time job and earns a handsome passive income from property. I guess that answers the question ‘Can you work and do property?’!

Mindset and Motivation

Stuart says the first thing you need to change is your mindset. You need to alter the way you perceive your daily and weekly routines. Anybody who wants to balance a full-time job with a property business needs to stop living for the weekend and start making time for real estate. He recommends beginning by building up your foundation of knowledge. You should attend the Crash Course, the Academy, listen to podcasts, watch videos and read relevant books. Keep feeding yourself with the nuggets you need to succeed. Most people have lots of time, they just choose not to be productive with it or they make excuses. If you really want to build wealth outside of your regular job, make time!

Stuart used to wonder what he would do if he lost his job. Thanks to his property deal and the knowledge he amassed from our events, he now has a plan. He is going to grow his portfolio so that one day he can leave his full-time job or at least, not depend on it. So, what kind of deal did Stuart do? How has he been earning £2,500 a month passively for the last 7 months? Find out by watching!

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