The guy who does my videos …..

Samuel Leeds

The guy who does my videos…… Hey what’s up? My name is Samuel Leeds and today I will interview a person who is always behind the camera. Yes, you guessed it right, he is my videographer Pav. We have done so many freedom challenges and been through so many things together. We travelled to different […]

Is Samuel Leeds Negative?

Is Samuel Leeds negative? Is Samuel Leeds negative? In life you can often argue there is room for general scepticism. In creative fields, we encourage constructive criticism to allow for growth. Can the same be said for business? Is there room for negativity when it comes to chasing your property portfolio dreams? The video today […]

R2R Property Portfolio Tour!

R2R Property Portfolio tour Ready to watch the R2R property portfolio tour? No matter how active and involves you decide to be with your property portfolio, there’s always a degree of do’s and do-not’s. These are more commonly learned through hard graft and even harder mistakes. Much like any craft it takes years to hone […]

Earning 5K a Month!

EARNING 5K A MONTH! Imagine earning 5k a month. What does it take to earn five thousand pounds a month? This is what Samuel Leeds would like to learn from success student Zayyan this week. MEET ZAYYAN From a humble Birmingham university student to simply studying business and public policy. All the way to super […]


THIS IS NOT A DRILL!  Honestly, This is not a drill you can pick my next challenge! All you need to do is click on the link to this video and type your desired challenge in the comments! Over the years you’ve seen me go undercover, you’ve seen me become financially free and help others […]

Is the property crash course good?

Property Crash Course If you haven’t attended one of our events yet, you are not ready to become a property investor. If you find yourself asking whether the property crash course will benefit you, you’re forgetting one thing – it’s free! The worst thing that could possibly happen is you walk away with more information […]

A YouTube Milestone…

In this video, Samuel and his marketing team celebrate reaching 100,000 subscribers, unboxing their plaque gifted from YouTube!! Massive thank you to everyone who has subscribed, we are immensely appreciative and want to provide as much value for free as possible! THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING… 💥🙌

JOIN THE COURSE | Property Investors Crash Course Highlights | SNEAK PEEK

A Sneak Peek into the property investors crash course. JOIN THE FUN, JOIN THE COURSE. More to come! Want to be in a future video? Come to the property crash course and give a testimonial of your thoughts. Or photo-bomb the camera. Your choice. Book your FREE tickets to the 2-day Property Investors Crash Course […]