Coronavirus VS Rent-to-SA

Coronavirus vs Rent-to-SA Coronavirus vs Rent-to-SA. It is true that times are turbulent. But does this mean we should panic and sell our properties immediately? Is this a sinking ship? Is there no hope for the future!? These are all very valid questions and if you’re a property investor who has chosen serviced accommodation as […]

Making a six-figure salary!

Making a six-figure salary: Through Property Development. Making a six-figure salary, how!? With millions of pounds worth of deals in the pipeline, these two business partners have taken the world by storm. From buying land and building houses to renovating a castle. They’ve both been through the trenches when it comes to property development. But […]

Are Entrepreneur’s Made or Born?

Rent2Rent Tax, Property Business Plans and Deal Packaging TIPS!

Rent2Rent Tax, Property Business Plans, Deal Packaging and MORE! This week Samuel shares a wealth of knowledge, by answering many enthusiastic and diverse questions. From tax queries for the Rent2Rent method, to business plans and how to package deals. This week is nothing but value and you’re invited to drink it all in with answer […]

Deal Sourcing Mastery

Deal Sourcing Mastery Are you the next deal sourcing mastermind?  If you’ve been looking at all the options and different strategies to try and fancy yourself the right person for the job of deal sourcing then you’re in luck. This video is perfect for newcomers to veterans. You will find fresh perspective and insights into […]

R2SA success in Wales!

Power couple finds R2SA success in Wales Are you from Wales? Thinking of finding a patch in Swansea or Cardiff, and wondering if it could work? Well let me put you at ease! This week Samuel talks to Kellie and Shanelle Edwards. Together this power couple talks about their journey and doing whatever it takes […]

Coronavirus Property Market

Coronavirus Property Market If you are searching ‘Coronavirus Property Market’, you might be a little worried about the impact of the coronavirus on the property market. On behalf of the entire team here, we want to advise you to look for official instructions from the government and health organisations. Don’t take advice from folks on […]

Grace Anastasia

Grace Anastasia Grace Anastasia is a motivational and self-help influencer who uses social media for good. She came along to the free Crash Course in order to get her property investment knowledge up to scratch. If you would like to follow in Grace’s footsteps, you can sign up to the crash course here. On this […]

Funding for property investment

Funding for property investment Searching for funding for property investment? Funding for property investment isn’t difficult to get once you know where to look. You need to attend events, go networking and start packaging up your deals to pitch. Once you’ve acquired your investment and you’ve located a suitable angel investor, how do you go […]

How to be a healthy entrepreneur

How to be a healthy entrepreneur If you are asking yourself how to be a healthy entrepreneur, you are on the right tracks already. Being successful in business means nothing if your life is curtailed by poor health. It’s important to get your health in check so that you can go about your business with […]

Should I quit my job for property?

Should I quit my job for property? Are you asking, ‘Should I quit my job for property?’ It’s an interesting question. This conundrum is one that floats around the heads of most our students. Especially after attending our Crash Course, as that’s when the reality of the dream comes through. By attending, you’ll start to […]