Samuel Leeds

The COVID-19 SCAM EXPOSED My Dad left for Brazil due to the whole corona as he’s got a problem with the continual lockdown as he believes that the government have got an agenda from this pandemic. I had a chat with him and here is what he had to say about the whole thing. Q: […]

Mortgages and Easy Repayment Charges

Samuel Leeds

Mortgages and Easy Repayment Charges Hello everyone, welcome to another blog where I answer your questions regarding property investing.  Each week on Sunday, I answer your questions on the previous YouTube video. If you also have a question, be sure to head straight to my channel and comment it so that I may answer it […]

Tips for non-UK residents investing in the UK market.

Tips for non-UK residents investing in the UK market. Want tips for non-UK residents investing in the UK market? That’s just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended) for this weeks Q&A episode. Every week Samuel answers your most pressing questions for all things property investing. “The reason people aren’t aren’t further on in life […]

Are Entrepreneur’s Made or Born?

Rent2Rent Tax, Property Business Plans and Deal Packaging TIPS!

Rent2Rent Tax, Property Business Plans, Deal Packaging and MORE! This week Samuel shares a wealth of knowledge, by answering many enthusiastic and diverse questions. From tax queries for the Rent2Rent method, to business plans and how to package deals. This week is nothing but value and you’re invited to drink it all in with answer […]

Coronavirus Property Market

Coronavirus Property Market If you are searching ‘Coronavirus Property Market’, you might be a little worried about the impact of the coronavirus on the property market. On behalf of the entire team here, we want to advise you to look for official instructions from the government and health organisations. Don’t take advice from folks on […]