Rent-to-SA Portfolio in Edinburgh!

Rent-to-SA Portfolio in Edinburgh! Do you want your own Rent-to-SA Portfolio in Edinburgh? Once Upon a time… Allow me to take you to a time that feels long since forgotten. A time before the days of self-isolation. Before the self-quarantine and rapid expansion of COVID-19 across the UK. Before the toilet rolls were rare commodities […]

Who is Samuel Leeds?

Who is Samuel Leeds? The question, ‘Who is Samuel Leeds?’ is not one that can be answered in-depth in one go. Most of you will be familiar with him as someone on stage or on screen. However, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what he’s like behind the scenes of his events and podcasts? We […]

Is serviced accommodation saturated?

Is serviced accommodation saturated? If you’re asking, ‘Is serviced accommodation saturated?’ it’s probably because you are noticing lots of people doing it. Perhaps you’ve been to our events and met many people who are giving SA a go. Well, the answer to that question depends on the area you are focusing on. In this video, […]

How to do deal sourcing

How to do deal sourcing If you want to know how to do deal sourcing, you need to watch this video and take some notes. This is one of the most incredible videos we’ve ever published because you can witness a person’s life changing in front of you. You hear us talk a lot about […]

Yield vs ROI

Yield vs ROI If you’re thinking about yield vs ROI, you might be confused as to what each of them means. It’s possible that you’ve attended property networking events and heard people talking about yield. Don’t get drawn into or daunted by the jargon. Many naive investors get caught up in the idea of sounding […]

The best property network

The best property network Where can you find the best property network? You’re starting out on your property investment journey, or perhaps you’re already in the middle of it. It can be tough! How much easier would it be if you had a positive support network around you? When you search for property networking clubs […]

What does Samuel Leeds do for charity?

What does Samuel Leeds do for charity? People often ask ‘What does Samuel Leeds do for charity?’ Not all wealthy individuals choose to be so public about their endeavours, some prefer to do it quietly, without using it for PR. That’s why you very rarely hear about Samuel’s charitable efforts. However, in this episode you’ll […]

How to do New Year’s Resolutions

How to do New Year’s Resolutions If you’re wondering how to do New Year’s resolutions, you’re probably sick of not sticking to your goals. It’s normal, don’t worry. Most people have big, lofty ambitions at the start of a new year and trick themselves. It’s an illusion because actions speak far louder than words. Simply […]

Property compliance

Property Compliance Property compliance has become a buzzword lately. It’s a yarn which is being spun by (you guessed it) property compliance consultants. They make their money from property compliance. Of course, you need to be on top of the legalities of your property deals. You should make sure that you’re running your business in […]

Can an 18 year old find success in property investment?

The answer depends on how much effort they put in and what knowledge they have access to. This applies to everybody, no matter how old you are. If you want success in property investment, you need to surround yourself with people who can add value to your journey. Network with people who can equip you […]