How to buy properties for nothing.

Samuel Leeds

How to buy properties for nothing. You all are familiar with the fact now that I am a self-made millionaire and a property advisor. One of the most talked things about me, in newspapers, on the internet, at events and I have been asked to speak about it all the time that how I have […]

Rent-to-SA Portfolio in Edinburgh!

Rent-to-SA Portfolio in Edinburgh! Do you want your own Rent-to-SA Portfolio in Edinburgh? Once Upon a time… Allow me to take you to a time that feels long since forgotten. A time before the days of self-isolation. Before the self-quarantine and rapid expansion of COVID-19 across the UK. Before the toilet rolls were rare commodities […]

R2R Property Portfolio Tour!

R2R Property Portfolio tour Ready to watch the R2R property portfolio tour? No matter how active and involves you decide to be with your property portfolio, there’s always a degree of do’s and do-not’s. These are more commonly learned through hard graft and even harder mistakes. Much like any craft it takes years to hone […]

Maximise YOUR profit in THREE HOURS!

The Interior Design Challenge  Did you know, you could increase your profit on airbnb rentals THREE HOURS from now!? By giving your room(s) even the smallest bit of TLC, even on a tight budget, you could begin to rent your rooms out for an extra £20 – £40 a night. But how? Beyond the bricks […]

The value of money

The value of money The value of money might sound like a philosophical debate which needs a dissertation to sufficiently answer it. However, it’s actually rather simple. The value of money is an essential topic to get your head around whether you are just starting your journey as an entrepreneur or you are a seasoned […]

Who is Samuel Leeds?

Who is Samuel Leeds? The question, ‘Who is Samuel Leeds?’ is not one that can be answered in-depth in one go. Most of you will be familiar with him as someone on stage or on screen. However, wouldn’t it be interesting to see what he’s like behind the scenes of his events and podcasts? We […]

Is the right to buy scheme worth it?

Is the right to buy scheme worth it? Asking yourself ‘Is the right to buy scheme worth it?’ In this video, Samuel talks about a particular government program which is purely for people living in council-owned homes in England. If you don’t fit into that category, you might still be interested in knowing what it […]

How to be a successful introvert

How to be a successful introvert Are you wondering ‘How to be a successful introvert’? If you are then you don’t need to panic. The world of entrepreneurial success isn’t exclusively for loud, flamboyant extroverts. Far from it. The people you primarily see and hear from may fit that category but that’s only because they […]

How to be a winner in life

How to be a winner in life If you are asking yourself ‘How to be a winner in life’, you are probably tired of watching others win. You want a piece of the pie and so you should want it. However, there is one fundamental thing you need to do before you can have it. […]

Is serviced accommodation saturated?

Is serviced accommodation saturated? If you’re asking, ‘Is serviced accommodation saturated?’ it’s probably because you are noticing lots of people doing it. Perhaps you’ve been to our events and met many people who are giving SA a go. Well, the answer to that question depends on the area you are focusing on. In this video, […]