Chinese Wife Gets Husband into Property

This week’s winners on a Wednesdays offers a unique story.  Couple Claire Meng and Martin Wong share there trials and tribulations of investing in properties.

Both Claire and Martin were comfortably working full time jobs. Martin has a career as a corporate lawyer which he enjoys and Claire worked in online retail. Their property journey started when Claire first arrived in the UK 8 years ago, she was heavily passionate about property constantly looking online at difference house doing her own research.

Initially, her husband Martin wasn’t too keen on investing in properties he saw it as an unnecessary risk that he and his wife didn’t need to take.  It wasn’t until Martin attended one of Samuel’s crash course seeing the impact for himself.  After this he wanted to become more involved in properties.

One year later they are making £2,000 per month from four houses. They are also now able to send their children to private school and invest in themselves as a family such as holidays and buying cars. This is what being financial free has offered them.

Striking resolute relations with different people within the property world, which has helped during the good deals and the bad ones. Keeping the main goal of investing in profitable deals.

The main strategy that Claire and Martin use is the refurbish and refinance method. This has allowed them to pull out all the money that they have invested and rent rooms out almost immediately as the properties hit the market.

Being originally from China, Claire has received calls from overseas asking questions wanting to know how they can get involved in properties too.  These conversations have led to joint venture opportunities and a chance to make more income.