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Coronavirus VS Rent-to-SA

Coronavirus vs Rent-to-SA

Coronavirus vs Rent-to-SA. It is true that times are turbulent. But does this mean we should panic and sell our properties immediately? Is this a sinking ship? Is there no hope for the future!? These are all very valid questions and if you’re a property investor who has chosen serviced accommodation as their main strategy and you’re wondering what to do. Look no further for guidance.


Introducing this weeks winner, Ryan Cotterhill. This young and successful property entrepreneur has found success through the Rent-to-SA strategy. Having only started his journey with JUST £1,500 to his name. He now controls five SA properties which generate an average monthly profit of £3,500 a month!

“Worst Plan of my life.”

His story starts like many. When Ryan finished school he got a job working in sales and hated every second. He never wanted to slave away his life. (And rightly so, nobody should!) Ryan had the ambition to buy a house, pay it down and live off the monthly rent. Even going as far as to sell his car for £10,000 to purchase the property. It was around this time he began to read books like ‘Rich dad, poor dad.’ And, of course, Samuel’s book ‘Buy Low, Rent High.’ Realising fairly quickly that buying a house to pay it off is perhaps “the worst plan of his life!”

He soon after went to the crash course and instead decided to use the car money to sign onto the academy. It was this decision that truly changed his life. Through the academy, he gained his first JV partner and together they secured a property.

With a rocky start, Ryan struggled with his first deal. Dealing with endless parties and even prostitutes! On the verge of giving up, it was a one-to-one with Samuel that ultimately gave him the confidence to adapt and overcome. Now Ryan is financially free. Despite a tough beginning, with next to no money.


In this video, Samuel and Ryan unpack the effect of the coronavirus on the SA sector. Ryan shares his tips on target marketing to continue to receive inquiries and bookings. Ryan shares his thoughts and plans for the future of Serviced accommodation. Together they also discuss their opinion on people quitting SA out of fear and how to handle objections. All this and more in the video above. You don’t want to miss this!

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