Cost of Samuel Leeds Mentoring!

Samuel Leeds mentoring

Cost of Samuel Leeds Mentoring!

Are you looking to become financially free in property? Have you seen different property trainers out there and thinking of replacing your job by learning all there is to know about property but have no idea where to begin?

Well, I got started in investing in property at the age of 17 and now for over a decade, I’ve been to all the courses, I’ve been to all the programs, I’ve got all different kinds of houses flats, developments and even own a castle.

I’ve built a multimillion-pound property portfolio doing that for the past 10 years.


I now have put together a platform called Samuel 365.

Samuel 365

That is, in 365 days of the year, you have access to training, mentoring, and coaching in a group of other like-minded property investors.

This is a community of property investors where you can talk, network, grow, and learn by speaking to real property mentors including myself.

This is an absolutely game-changing membership site as it’s 95 pounds per month.


You can now try it for just a pound for 7 days and see what you think of it.

Just to give you an overview, the first thing you’ll have access to is training through a program that I’ve put together called the property investors crash course.

Over 20 thousand people have attended the property investors crash course from all over the world as I’ve also put this program online.

As a Samuel 365 member, you have instant access to the property investors crash course which takes you from a beginner to someone who’s becoming a professional that understands buy-to-let property investments.

Samuel Leeds

The second thing that’s included in your Samuel 365 membership is one-on-one mentoring which means that if you get stuck or have any questions about tax business sales, how to know a good property, and how to put together a working strategy, you can just book an appointment with a property mentor on Samuel 365 and get help where necessary.


The next thing you get as a Samuel 365 member is coaching on a weekly basis from me.

Unless I’m ill or traveling, I do a coaching call with all of the 365 members on a webinar which means that you can get recharged every Wednesday at 8 p.m. by asking questions as I’ll be giving top current tips and talking about the news and what’s going on in the property industry right at the time.


I’ve put together a daily routine which means that every single day you can do your same routines as me to attain financial freedom.

I’ve put together these routines studying millionaires, billionaires and personally follow it and believe it’s going to keep your mind, body, and brain sharp to succeed in property.



You also have access to our membership site that can be used to network with the other community members of Samuel 365 and find people that are not necessarily a mentor but people that are just six months ahead and talk with them, pick their brain, and meet them for coffee as everybody is together in the mastermind form on the Samuel 365 membership.



In conclusion, Samuel 365 is a really good platform for aspiring property investors and is going to be a game changer for you, your finances, and your career as a property investor.

It’s only a pound to join today and experience seven days of intensive mentorship from the experts.

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