Courses for Landlords

Courses for Landlords

If you are looking for courses for landlords, you’re in the right place. It’s possible that you are trying to take your property business to the next level. You are never too old or too successful to learn and improve. The person who stops evolving and is too arrogant to become a student will always be geared toward stagnation. Even our very own Samuel Leeds invests heavily in courses and training programs to take his business and life to a higher plateau. One of his mentors is Robert Kiyosaki. Today’s guest on WoaW first read Kiyosaki’s “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” in 1998 when Samuel was just a child. Now, she is learning from Samuel.

Katy was an experienced landlord when she arrived at Samuel’s videos and eventually joined the Academy. She was smart enough to know that she could benefit from some education in order to take her property game up a notch. Even though she has over 20 years of experience, she is humble and proactive. She had 6 properties which were single-lets and simple BRRR deals. Katy had no idea about HMO’s and other methods of being a successful property entrepreneur. Her strategy for almost decades had been to simply invest in a property, push its value up and refinance.

After attending the Crash Course, absorbing Samuel’s online content and joining the Academy – she is now on a different level. Find out how many properties Katy now has under her belt and how she is making incredible profit. It’s a real pleasure to have someone so credible and courageous on Winners on a Wednesday. We hope Katy proves to be an inspiration for other landlords out there who are comfortable but want to realise their true ambitions. It’s not a bad thing to reach out for help and it might just be something that changes your life.

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