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How anybody can become financially free by investing in property
NEW UK Tour - June 21st - June 30th

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Property Investors Crash Course

Sold Out! -21st June - Portsmouth
Sold Out! - 22nd June - Swindon
Sold Out! - Walsall (Birmingham)
Sold Out! - Watford (London)
Sold Out! - Manchester
Sold Out! -30th June - Leeds

ALL events are 10:00 - 18:00

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The Property Investors Crash Course Is Now Sold Out!

Wow!!! You guys have been so passionate about becoming finically free & to get back to our in the room live training that we have now in fact sold out! 

The Good news for you is that we have some July dates for our Property Millionaire Intensive Tour. 

What Happens At The Crash Course

How anyone can become financially free by investing in property.

Getting started as a property investor can be overwhelming. There’s so much conflicting information about how to get started.
You may have heard it said “It all starts at the Crash Course” and that’s because for thousands of successful property investors that is exactly where it started.
Claim your FREE ticket to the ‘Property Investors Crash Course’ where you will be shown exactly how Samuel bought his first house back in 2008 using NO MONEY. Smart investors are doing the same thing right no

Many people have walked away with live deals and joint ventures from the Crash Course, so come with super high expectations.