Cryptocurrency Predictions/Tips – Samuel Leeds & Marcus de Maria

In the latest video, Samuel sits down with stock market educator and successful investor, Marcus de Maria to chat about the future of cryptocurrencies and his thoughts on property investing.


For over 10 years Marcus has been training people on how to successfully trade in the stock market and in this video Samuel picks Marcus’ brain and asks all the questions you want to know about cryptocurrencies and what it involves.


Why invest in bitcoin?


After 17 years of trading and investing in stocks and shares, in 2016 Marcus immersed himself in learning everything to do with cryptocurrencies, namely bitcoin. He kicked himself for not having invested in this sooner. By the end of 2017, he had accumulated £800,000 after an investment of £140,000 over the period of the year. Sounds too good to be true right?


Samuel asks Marcus whether he thinks this type of investment is risky as it could ‘disappear’ overnight, whereas with property, worst case is you could always sell the house. Marcus admits it is ‘riskier’ than property investment however the returns you can receive are incredible and explains that there is always risk with investment.


What Marcus advises you do is invest a small percentage of your wealth, say 5-10% of your of your money and put it into something like bitcoin, where the return could be 1000, 5000 or even 10,000 per cent! He refers to this as ‘asymmetrical risk’. “One of my positions went up 14,000%, I have never ever seen that in stock market in my 17 years” says Marcus.


You have to be smart about how you invest and putting 100% of your wealth into bitcoin investments would not be wise. Samuel puts it simply “If you put 90% or 95% of your wealth into safe investments such as property and other things. Then a small amount into bitcoin, then you have got everything to GAIN and very little to lose.”


Cyptocurrency Predictions


Here are two of the predictions, amongst others, that Marcus explains and discussed in this interview:


  1. Banks will eventually be cut out, as the ‘middle man’ as a decentralised system will be established that will be secure and can’t be hacked. Marcus explains exactly how this will work on the block chain system that can be trusted and has already proven to be necessary.
  2. Bitcoin will become our everyday currency. Marcus explains that the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), which is a big business that owns the New York stock exchange “recently announced that they had been working secretly together with Microsoft, Boston Consulting Group and Starbucks and that they are going to launch a crypto platform in November of this year.” This means that this will allow the masses of people to start using cryptocurrencies and use this form of currency to pay for your cup of coffee in Starbucks. This will inevitably result in bitcoin going mainstream.


There are lots of different ways of making money, not just through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Marcus goes into greater detail with this in his FREE webinar that he runs.  Register Here


This video is packed with so much information for you to understand the concept of cryptocurrency and how it works. Marcus lists the 4 big companies that would be good to look into to start investing in that are forecast to do well, in Marcus’ opinion, and he also shares what per cent you should be investing should you choose to.


So what does this mean for you?


Marcus became financially free 7 years ago after being £100,000 in bad debt and sleeping on his brother’s floor in 1999. “That was a bad time and it was the lowest financial point. But you know what it was a blessing in disguise…but when you are in that much pain, you wake up one day and you just say enough is enough. You draw the line and you move forward” shared Marcus.


It was not a straightforward journey to get to where he wanted to be and the vehicle that eventually achieved him financial freedom was stocks and shares.


Maybe you are a low point financially or already a property investor with a couple of houses or just trying to decide what you want to invest your money in. Watch the full video for full details on this investment vehicle, be inspired and take action.


How to get started?


Marcus’ advice for starting out

  1. DO your research – the market can be so volatile and you NEED to know what you are doing
  2. BOOK on to FREE webinar
  3. BELIEVE in yourself


Please note the information in the video and blog is not investment advice. You must always do your research and get the right education.


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