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What is the Property Investors Academy with Samuel Leeds?

Well, in this blog, Samuel Leeds EXCLUSIVELY explains to you EXACTLY what the Property Investors Academy is, what substantial content, training and mentoring you receive as an Academy member, what success you can achieve and most importantly, you’ll hear REAL testimonials from current Academy members.

The Property Investors Academy is an exclusive group of people mentored by Samuel Leeds and his mentors. The Academy is an elite membership for real and passionate property investors. It teaches a vast range of property strategies in thorough detail over a 12-month period.

Strategies covered throughout the mentoring include:

– Buy to Let
– Lease Option Agreement
– Rent 2 Rent
– Serviced Accommodation
– Buy Refurbish Refinance
– Joint Venture and Raising Finance
– Deal Selling


Sound good? Well, it gets even better…

One of the programmes included in the Academy is the Accelerated Coaching and Mentoring Programme. Where you will MEET Samuel Leeds in a small group (capped at 25) , and receive one on one coaching and mentoring, to help you put together a BESPOKE, TAILORED AND CUSTOM plan, to look at where you are now, where you want to be and together, map out a journey for you to get there!

Samuel Leeds has a MOUNTAIN of experience from training and mentoring that he leads as part of his mission to get as many deserving people as possible FINANCIALLY FREE!

Become a Deal Sourcing Machine and Master Investor!!!

If you are serious about investing in property and want to be part of the exclusive Academy family, then take a read of just a couple of Academy Member testimonials and watch the full video to see more!

“The academy has been fantastic! We are like a family and working with Samuel has just been awesome. If you want to get to the next level in your life, take action and start working with this guy – he’s amazing!”

“I joined the Property Investors Academy to get a better return on my investments. I am in the process of purchasing my first HMO. The training at the Academy is amazing.”

“My wife and I joined the academy towards the end of last year and it has been an absolute explosion for us. It has been really beneficial for us, not only all the help we get along the way on our journey, but the exposure to some of the best people in the property investing industry in this country. We have a hat full of tools and hope to smash it from here!”

“Since joining the Academy, I have become FINANCIALLY FREE IN 3 MONTHS.
I have been implementing Rent to Rent strategies and specialising in
Serviced Accommodation!”

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