Do I Own or Lease my Car? – Q+A with Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

Do I Own or Lease my Car? – Q+A with Samuel Leeds


What legal documents do u need to start co-deal souring?

Is there minimum age for rent to rents and deal sourcing if so what is it?

How do I get investors without any finance?

If you refinance your house do you have to pay stamp duty or any type of taxes?

Is it wise to refinance your own home to purchase my own BRR property?

How to secure direct bookings for serviced accommodation rather than through OTA’s

Can you write up the NDA contract by yourself or does it have to be from a solicitor?

Do rich people buy their cars on finance or should they cash it out?

Show us how to find a deal and do proper Due Dil on i

Do I raise finance and pursue a BRRR strategy or do I pursue R2R or LOAs and possibly miss this window of paying no stamp duty? 

Would you need planning permission to turn a 4-bedroom house into HMO?

If you were to do a r2r would you have to be responsible for all repairs on the property?

When you mention “pull out all your money” in BRRR, do you mean you get that money back into your bank account? Also, when people mention how they leave a few thousand pounds in the property once refurbished and refinanced, what does that mean?\\

How much do you make from YouTube???


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