Do You Invest in Crypto? | Q&A Sunday

Do You Invest in Crypto? | Q&A Sunday

On today’s Q&A we discuss the questions which were put through by you! If you’re new to the property game, make sure to comment below some questions so that i can help you with your journey!

Question 1 :  As you know the rules around property investing in Scotland are slightly different. I think that puts doubts in viewers minds who are from the region. Would you consider doing a Financial freedom challenge in Scotland and show us how the pros do it?

Question 2: When sending letters to HMO landlords, if the address of the owner is not on the registry how would you go about finding it?

Question 3: What are all the fees for Rent to Rent?

Question 4: How long do you get to pay back your finance loan?

Question 5: Is there a way to find investors without a network or contacts?

Question 6: For a 4 bed unlicensed HMO, what legal requirements do I need to comply with to make this happen and also is it  a legal requirement to have communal areas in licensed and unlicensed HMO’s?

Question 7: Would it be more beneficial to buy my future properties through a limited company?

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