Earning 5K a Month!


Imagine earning 5k a month. What does it take to earn five thousand pounds a month? This is what Samuel Leeds would like to learn from success student Zayyan this week.


From a humble Birmingham university student to simply studying business and public policy. All the way to super successful property investing entrepreneur. Zayyan has become a rent-to-rent king in his own right and Zayyan can confidently say he’s financially free. Thanks to securing several rent-to-rent deals, Zayyan makes a whopping £5,000 a month.

During his university years, Zayyan began to wonder what most of us should. “Why am I learning from someone who isn’t themselves successful in business?” Zayyan began to learn from millionaires and other like-minded successful entrepreneurs. He scoured the Internet and naturally came across Samuel’s YouTube videos. The first-ever video he watched was about lease option agreements and after this, he knew he needed to book himself on the crash course. The rest was history.

Zayyan is a big believer in personal development and talks in-depth his opinions and experiences and how they crossed over with his university life. This ultimately leads to one of the largest and one could argue, best decisions, of his life. The one to become a property investor.


In this episode, Samuel and Zayyan talk about university, personal development, his experiences with the Crash Course, Lease option agreement’s, HMO’s, Rent-to-rent and how Zayyan got his deals.  For only thirty minutes of your time, it’s the best investment you can make all Wednesday!


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