Essential skills for a property investor

Essential skills for a property investor

Let’s talk about some essential skills for a property investor to be successful. If you are ready to take your property business seriously, and make serious money, you need these skills. The best way to keep yourself on top of your game is via self-development. It’s important that you continue to feed yourself with information courtesy of our property experts.

You can make a start on this educational journey by attending one of our free Crash Courses. In the mean time, you can watch this video (and subscribe to the channel). From this week’s dose of Friday motivation, you’ll get an insight into the characteristics which make a great property investor.

Top tips

The first one mentioned by Samuel Leeds is deal analysis. Being able to analyse a deal seems like such a basic element but it’s astounding how many landlords are unaware. You can set the foundations of your property career straight from the start by understanding how to analyse a deal – it will see you good forever. It’s a case of being able to do the fundamental maths of a property deal so that you can evaluate it. You’ll learn about how to calculate the rent, the ROI, the risk and much more.

The second tip is a slightly softer skill but equally as important. You need an attitude of gratitude. That means being able to be confident and ambitious, without coming across as greedy. At the same time, being truly grateful prevents you from adopting a sense of entitlement. Entitlement is one of the ugliest, most detrimental traits a person can have. Most careers and relationships die because of entitlement. You can ensure you are grateful everyday by writing down 3 things you are grateful for every morning and night.

Find out what other tips our resident property expert has in store for you, watch the video and share it!


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