Everybody said he wouldn’t walk again, except this woman

“Your begging lands on deaf ears”, says Dr Jamirah Namusoke as she explains how she has to plead for money so that she can take care of her patients. In Uganda, surgery and other medical procedures are expensive so they don’t usually take place unless the patient is wealthy. For ordinary people who need implants, it’s an uphill struggle.

When our very own Samuel Leeds visited Uganda, he took his team to take part in white water rafting. It ended disastrously, but fortunately not fatally, as the boat capsized, launching them down a waterfall. Samuel broke his kneecap and lost a scary amount of blood and was told that the chances of him walking again were slim.

In came Dr Jamirah Namusoke who saw things differently. She saw light where others saw dark and she gave help when others couldn’t even offer hope. Samuel eventually got back on his feet, thanks to her aid and efforts, and has since returned to Uganda to try to give back by pledging 10 million Ugandan shillings to help those who couldn’t afford surgery.

“He is giving hope, what is more important than giving hope?”, explains Dr Jamirah Namusoke.

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