Financial Freedom Challenge (the rules)

The countdown has officially begun for Samuel Leeds to start his Financial Freedom challenge!

As of 15th November 2018, Samuel will be challenging himself to become financially free ALL OVER AGAIN by starting with NOTHING, that’s right, NOTHING!

With the build-up of the announcement rapidly increasing across social media, Samuel shared the information, rules and most importantly, the reasoning behind his Financial Freedom Challenge to his 8,000 Facebook group members and 10,000 Youtube subscribers… take a look at what he said!

On 15th November 2018, I am going to become financially free all over again, starting with nothing.


To build a property income from scratch of £3,000 per month. At least 50% of this needs to be a passive/residual income. If I run out of money and can’t afford to live, or abandon the challenge without my income, I fail.

If I can prove to be financially independent anytime after starting with zero, and then demonstrate I can make £3,000 per month through property, I succeed.


Because I want to prove that anybody can do this with the right knowledge, and anybody can become financially free regardless of their circumstances. No excuses.


1. Money. I cannot invest a penny of my own money, nor do I have access to my bank for anything.

2. Staff. I cannot get any of my staff to help or assist with this challenge in anyway, apart from Nick who will purely be with me to document on his camera.

3. Network. I cannot take a penny from anybody in my existing network. Any properties I buy or sell, have to be done from strangers. Due to my name being quite well known in the property world, I will be using an alias name.

4. I am allowed to travel as much as I like, but I will have to sleep in a location where I do not know anybody and have zero properties currently. This will mean I’m based in an unknown territory.

5. I will be evicted from my hotel on 22nd November, unless I have made money to pay for more nights.

6. I will begin the challenge with a brand new bank account / compliant property company account with a balance of £0 and a zero credit rating. I will also be supplied with one weeks worth of clothes, basic essentials and one week booked in a hotel room in the new location.

7. Due to my recovering knee-cap and inability to drive, my wife and daughter will join me for the challenge. This will mean I have to also provide for them. No other friends or family can join me in the challenge.

8. If I succeed, I will have to go over all the profits and figures to a third party independent professional who has experience with finance and property. They will assess and decide if my success is satisfactory in line with the original goal.”

In the video, Samuel reflects on the strict task he has set himself, along with reminding himself why he has set himself such a difficult but purposeful challenge…

“If I fail, I fail. I believe there are always lessons when you fail.

“I want people to share this video like crazy. The more people that realise that it’s not about your current circumstances and that anybody can create their own life for themselves and become financially independant regardless of where they are right now, and regardless of whether they have money or not,or where they are in the country, the better.

I think it is going to really revolutionise peoples lives and make a big difference to the country. So, that is why I am doing it.”

So, if YOU are going to follow Samuel Leeds journey to financial freedom again, make sure you encourage and support him by leaving YOUR thoughts on his videos – especially the videos where he will document his progress!

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