Finding Full Address on RightMove!

Samuel Leeds

Finding Full Address on RightMove

As a property investor, you need to be able to do your due diligence on a property and part of the due diligence is to know what the address of a property is.

Literally, without knowing what the address is, how can you do any due diligence?

If you ring up the estate agent and ask them for the address of the house you’ll be viewing, they’ll not give it to you as they’re going to say they’re going to sell you after doing a viewing and so, as a professional property investor, I like to know the house number because I want to know the full postcode before I even bother picking up the phone and ringing the agent.

How do you find out the door number or the full address?

Well, there’s a few little tricks you can do, I mean, the first thing is, if you pretend that you’re trying to get the broadband average speed, you need to do this on a computer and not on an iPhone because it won’t work.

If you’re on a laptop and you’re looking at the house you want to know the address, go and compare them with the market by asking what the broadband speed is.

You can start doing due diligence and if you’ve got both the door number and the postcode, that’s a little bit more helpful.

Samuel Leeds

In most cases, if you zoom in, the door number is normally blurred and therefore, you can go on market info to see the last time the house was sold and so, if we go to sold properties or sold house prices, we know what the postcode is which we can use to find the property.

Using these strategies, I found the door number of the houses I was interested in before ringing the agents for viewing.

You can tell by looking at the house pictures and by comparing the estate agents, the houses are similar and as professional property investors, you need to get the door number and start doing your due diligence.

If it looks good, book a viewing and start offering on the properties.

Land registry actually tells you the full address as we can start doing all kinds of due diligence and start finding out the value of all kinds of stuff but you need to get the full address because once you ring up the agent, they’re not going to give it to you and that’s why I’m making this articles for you guys.

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