Flipping A House For 100,000-Pound Profit | 2-to-4 Bed Conversion In Birmingham

Flipping A House For 100,000-Pound Profit | 2-to-4 Bed Conversion In Birmingham

Hey, I’m Samuel Leeds! I’m a property investor, and in my recent YouTube video, I showed a finished property project of mine. The property is in Birmingham and is a joint venture between myself and my good friend, Saj Hussain.

He purchased the house for 150,000 pounds, renovated it for approximately 370,000 pounds, and its current value is 370,000+ pounds! This flip has got 100,000-pound profit in it. It was a small two-bed house, now is a luxury four-bed family home.

Saj Hussain bought the property, I put in the investment, and he gave me a fixed return of 14%. I visited the property to see how it looked, which I’ve shown in my YouTube video.

The Incredible House!

The house looked incredible with the new color and the spotlights. Saj Hussain got rid of the fireplace to make a bit of more space in the room. The wallpaper looks fantastic, the house has good heating and lighting. And, the most important room in the house, the kitchen looked amazing!

The kitchen looks modern, sleek, and absolutely stunning! Saj Hussain got a permitted development on it, which is basically the right to perform some work on a property without submitting a planning application for it. This was Hussain’s exit strategy anyway.

When I asked Hussain how much the kitchen cost, he told me that it wasn’t as much as I thought, and I thought it was quite expensive! He got glossy finish done in the kitchen and sourced the appliances and worktops from various contractors he had been already working with.

I must say, Saj Hussain has done excellent work on the house; when we visited the property last year, it was a mess. The property looked shabby and dingy; there had been cobwebs everywhere. But Saj Hussain’s work has made the house brighter and livable! There have been openings for natural light through glass windows, glass doors, and sunroofs. Moreover, the addition of several spotlights in the ceiling make the rooms so much brighter than before.

Saj Hussain took interior décor ideas from a number of houses and incorporated it into the house. If he had used an interior designer, it would have cost him a lot more than this. However, I believe the house looked incredible even without having it professionally designed.

Next, we went to the basement, which is a small room with heating. Saj Hussain told me that it was unused space and creating a basement for storage was the best thing that could happen to the space. We later browsed through another room, which had been full of cobwebs in the past, and I noticed the luxurious carpeting in it. I liked that Mr. Hussain put a luxurious carpet in the room because if visitors came for viewings in the future, a cheap carpet would never cut it.

Samuel Leeds

Good Properties Take Time 

Mr. Hussain told me that he went approximately 10% over the budget, but considering the lockdown situation, the difficulty in sourcing materials, it had been worth it. The house cost around 100,000 pounds, I put in another 100k for the renovation, and it costs around 400k on the market now!

There’s one thing that Saj Hussain told me and that I want to share with you all is that he said that property takes more time and a lot more cost than you initially plan for.  A seasoned property investor is saying that after years of experience and loads of properties! However, when you get plenty of profit on it, you shouldn’t be fearful of the investment. Mr.Hussain further said that you need to find deals that would get you more profit, in that way, everybody makes money.

We went on to see the bedrooms. The house, the space looks completely different than when I’d seen it last time. The two things you can’t change about the property, is the space and the location. However, Saj Hussain has made the property desirable, livable, and comfortable with the things he has got.

When we walked through the master bedroom, we talked about lowering the ceiling to make more space in the loft room, which Saj Hussain has done. The bedroom has an en suite and large windows and is quite a comfortable and cozy room to be in.

The garden had been a mess before. However, after Mr. Hussain’s renovation made it look habitable. He also worked on the neighbor’s garden as it had been affecting the property. He said that he had got rid of some of the hedges, removed a few trees, and fixed the fences. It was a negligible cost to Saj Hussain, and it made the neighbors happy as well!

The garden had been a jungle before, and no that’s not an exaggeration! Mr. Hussain has made it usable and practical now. There is turf on the ground, and neat fences.

The overall house looks fantastic, which was expected as Saj Hussain has done a tremendous job on the property.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed this blog on the recent property refurbishment, which is a joint venture between myself and Saj Hussain.

You may visit the YouTube video and see how the house is looking in real life!

I documented the details and journey of this Birmingham fix and flip project so you can learn along the way:

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