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Samuel Leeds

FREE Mentorship Giveaway

I put an article out last week and said that i was going to move into somebody’s house, live with them for a week, and help them become financially free.

Now, i am going to do that and for those people that did videos, thank you so much as I’m going to be in touch with you this week.


I’m going to be in touch with every single person that did a video as i already have been in touch with some of you however, i was overwhelmed with comments from people saying things like Samuel i don’t want you to live with me i want to come and live with you.

People want to come into my house as they want to shadow me learn from me and you know, some people also say stuff like, Samuel you know it’s not practical for you to come to my house and different things like that and so, here’s what I’m going to do, I’m still going to move into someone’s house as that’s still happening but i decided to not take one person.

By the way, there were only 25 people that did a video and that’s how few people take action which is fine but I’m not going to take one person for this challenge as I’m going to take 10 people for the month of November.

I’m going to have the 10 people come down to my house and I’m going to work with these 10 people throughout the whole month of November free of charge. I’m going to train them as I’m going to give them all of my training.

The only thing you need to pay for is like you’ve done which is your food, petrol and things like that.

I want to be taking the 10 people that are hungry and have drive with passion to excel in property.

While working with the 10 people that are going to come for this challenge, I’m going to be looking out to choose the person who is the hungriest and the hungriest person is going to get a 12 month program where I’m going to walk with them and journey with them for 12 months through intensive training.

If you want to come and you want to work with me throughout the month of November as you want to be one of the 10 people, all you need to do is fill in the application form below as there are no taxes or no strings attached. It’s completely free as you just need to fill in the form but you’ve got to be hungry.

I’m only going to be taking 10 people that are hungry and that are prepared to do whatever it takes and those 10 people will be put through a series of training programs as they’re going to come down to my house and I’ll show them around as they’ll have different challenges.

I’ll be giving you exercises each week and every week, I’m going to be evicting some people from the challenge.

The person that remains standing at the end of November is going to work with me for a whole year as we do a financial freedom challenge with them and partner with them.

However, the 10 people are going to receive top-notch and world-class training to help them become financially free in property and this is going to be life-changing and groundbreaking which is completely free as all you need to do is fill in the form here.



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