GaryVee discusses Samuel Leeds’ #FinancialFreedomChallenge

SAMUEL LEEDS SPENT £11,000 to spend the day with GARY VAYNERCHUK!!!

Samuel recently attended an intimate session with the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk. He gave some insightful thoughts on his upcoming Financial Freedom Challenge!

In this week’s video, Samuel expresses how the well-known ‘Gary Vee’ is his inspiration, and how if he manages to get just ‘one nugget’ of information after picking his brain about business, investements and marketing, it would be worth every penny!

During the meet up, Samuel asked GaryVee for advice on how to record his upcoming Financial Freedom challenge, whether it is advised he should ‘vlog’ the journey OR document it through professional filming.

Vaynerchuk quickly responded, ‘DO BOTH!’, as he emphasised it’ll create an honest account of the journey, allowing Samuel’s ‘core audience’ to watch an angle of Samuel that isn’t always displayed, and to view behind the scenes content.

Phew, how good does that sound?!

Check out below just SOME of the great, one-liner advice Gary Vaynerchuk gave Samuel Leeds, who documented his journey below!

“Don’t reach, assume, guess OR borrow when it comes to building your brand!”

“Always give advice YOU’VE lived, that why you get better from it because you’ve already seen it work!”

To watch the FULL CLIP, click on the video below!

We can’t WAIT for Samuel’s challenge, can you!?