Green Home Government Grant for Landlords & Property Investors

Green Home Government Grant for Landlords & Property Investors

In this article, I’ll be talking about the green home grant vouchers which are vouchers that the government is giving to the English landlords and homeowners that you can use to spend on your home or on your property investment by making it greener.

I’m not talking green physically but I’m talking making it more energy efficient as this is to help with the insulation of the property and lowering the carbon dioxide in the home.

If you insulate your property better, it’s going to mean that you could save up to around 600 pounds per year on energy bills because the energy performance certificate is going to improve and it’s going to become a more energy efficient property.

You might be thinking, I’m a landlord and i don’t have to pay the bills because my tenants pay the bills in the house.

However, I wouldn’t be greedy like that because, if you improve the house and make it a better and more efficient property to live in, then the tenants are going to be happier as they’re going to want to stay there longer.

It makes sense that this government grant to make houses more green is being put into place as i think it’s a really good.

You could get up to 5,000 pounds given to you as a voucher to put towards improving your home’s insulation or to reducing the carbon dioxide. However, you can’t just go and spend that on improving your home as it would have to be a particular type of improvements which are about insulation which is quite a strict guideline.

You would also have to put some of your own money in as well and what they’re saying is that, the vouchers will cover up to two-thirds and so, in other words, to get the five thousand pounds, you’d have to spend about seven and a half thousand pounds.

You can get these vouchers immediately and you can get them from the website and once you’ve received the voucher, you have to carry out the work by the 31st of March 2021.

In fact, if you’re a homeowner and you are on any kind of benefits, you can apply up to ten thousand pounds grant from the government which is slightly different than when you are a landlord as the property has also to be in England.

Samuel Leeds

At the moment, every house has to have an energy performance certificate and just to rent out a house at the absolute worst, it needs to be an ‘E’ and if your energy performance certificate is an ‘F’ or worse than that, you cannot rent out that property as a buy to let.

They are looking for you to put some form of insulation into the property but then, if you’re doing that, you can then use the grant to sort out secondary issues which might be things like double glazing.

If i was the government, I’d make things really simple as it’ll be really clear because whenever the government gives out free money, they always make it really hard and they make it very specific.

You can also put the grant towards secondary issues as well such as, windows, doors, water tank, thermostat or any of the heating controls.

Should you bother with it or should you do it?

I would say yes. If you’ve got a property that’s not that energy efficient and you want to improve it and you’ve got a few thousand pounds of your own to put towards it, you should absolutely do it as there’s no harm in trying.

Go to the website, key in the postcode of your property and you’ll be able to see your current certificate and then you can fill in your details by answering some questions which might take 10 to 15 minutes depending if you’ve got the information at  hand and then it will tell you what you can do in your property and what you’re eligible to do.

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