Help2Buy SCAM DEBATE – The Government Want You Poor?

Samuel Leeds

Help2Buy SCAM DEBATE – The Government Want You Poor

I discussed the help to buy scheme with my brother Russell who doesn’t agree with me that it’s screwed over first time property buyers.
Russell believes that, the help to buy scheme is a great scheme that helps people out and for the purpose of this article, we put down our differences to try and come to an understanding that will benefit you when it comes to investing in property.
I do think that it’s an amazing scheme however, what they say is that it doesn’t cost anything and in the real sense, it’s more of a help to sell scheme and not a help to buy scheme and so, calling it a help to buy scheme is misleading because they can’t help to buy but rather help to sell.
All of the schemes such as student loans, what the government wants you to do is, go to the university, get a degree and then save up money by putting it in the bank and when you want to buy your first home, they want you to buy an overpriced new build home from a rich developer as they want the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer and that’s just the system and it annoys me when i see people falling for it.

As working class people ourselves, we grew up with very little and I can’t believe that Russell as someone that benefited from the help to buy scheme as a developer thinks that it’s great. If I’m being honest, I believe the reason he thinks it’s great is because he financially benefited from it.
Seems the Government has got an Agenda
Whatever their agenda is in this case, I think that the government has got an agenda with the
help to buy scheme as they want more homes in the UK by getting more and more developers
to build more houses.
In Russell’s opinion, he believes that it’s financially viable for developers to build more houses
and be able to sell them at a good profit because it’s sometimes hard to find a deal where you’re
going to make a lot of profit out of and so, they want more houses.
And so, Russell believes that they’ve come with a really good scheme that does two things,
number one, it makes it very beneficial for developers and number two, it allows people who
otherwise wouldn’t be able to get on the housing ladder to pay a 5% deposit and when you
compare it to not buying anything and just renting, it’s a much better solution.
He doesn’t think that it’s an amazing scheme, but thinks it’s that devil kind of scheme and where
I’m coming from, i do understand that, but here’s my massive problem with it, the problem with it
is that, they’re trying to help developers build more homes and make more money.
But instead of giving the developers a tax break or instead of putting some money towards their
building costs or whatever by helping the builders, what they’re doing is taking the money from
the poor people, well, they’re not taking money from them, but what they&’re doing is they’re
relying on them and their ignorance and so, they’re taking advantage of people that don’t know
what they’re doing as they’re saying, hey we’ll give you some money.
Let’s say the help to buy scheme didn’t exist, what do you think these people that use it would
do instead?
I don’t know but what i do know is that, these are often uneducated people and they don’t know
much about investments as they’re told we’re going to help you buy a house but then later on
informed that you can’t rent it out and it has to be a new build.
When you buy a new build house, it depreciates in value and so, a lot are left in negative effects.
Developers Inflating Prices while using Shortcuts
According to The Mirror, Chris and Steph Oliver bought their first home for 130,000 pounds in
2014 with a help to buy loan, however, last year they discovered huge unfinished problems with
the development as the new build homes have come under the spotlight in recent years with
developers accused of cutting corners and inflating prices to cash in on those using the help to
buy scheme.
There are so many people that are getting suckered in by this as the government might say,
well, that’s the developers and not the government. However, the government is enabling them
as they haven’t explained why the house is now worth nothing which is so scary to the owner.
We’ve also heard of buyers who’ve been left trapped in unsellable homes whilst others say
they’re locked in punishing leasehold clauses which is terrible and what’s happening is, the
developers are flogging their crappy houses onto poor first-time buyers and the government is
supporting them.
As an entrepreneur, what I’m trying to do and what we’re trying to do as a team is to encourage
people that there is a third and much better option apart from education offered by the
government which in most cases is meant to leave you into debt and that is, becoming an
I i was ridiculed at when i first started at age 17 and I told myself that I’m going to continue what
I’m doing unlike a lot of people that get themselves into bad by acquiring a degree in let’s say
geography and then get a career which they retire from at 67 years of age after working 40
hours a week for 40 years because they’re not driven and they just want a job as they depend
on the government on everything.
Our government misleads people into thinking that they’re being helped when in the real sense,
I believe they’ve got their own agenda that they are not sharing with the public especially first time home owners.
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