How can I get fit?

How can I get fit?

Are you wondering how can I get fit? Treat your body like your business. Think about the way in which you cultivate yourself as an entrepreneur. What kind of environment do you prefer to work in? It’s not one where everybody is down, negative and frightened. You want to be in a place where your peers are positive, energetic and uplifting. The same applies to your health and fitness aspirations. You need to get yourself around people who will help you – this could be a class at a gym or a personal trainer who coaches you.

You need consistency in order to achieve something as incredible as a 6-pack or whatever your personal goals may be. Samuel is one month in and has already lost a stone. He has been able to keep his exercising and diet consistent by making it fun and sustainable. It’s the same in business. You wouldn’t start a venture which you have no desire to maintain or see through until the end. Why would you pick a fad diet which is impossible to keep up or an overly intense exercise regime which scares you every time it comes around?


Another key element is accountability. When you set goals as an entrepreneur, you might be putting them on a vision board or speaking them out into the universe. You could even be the type of businessperson to share them with a small circle of trusted people or perhaps a coach.

This kind of approach would work wonders with your health and fitness ambitions. It’s often something we keep close to our chest. However, just look at Samuel’s progress and be inspired by it. He started his weight-dropping journey by announcing it on social media. This automatically kept him accountable to thousands of people.

Learn more about the secret behind Samuel’s ongoing health and fitness success by watching the video and sharing.