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How I became financially free by watching Samuel Leeds on YouTube – Winners on a Wednesday #47

How to become financially free by watching Samuel Leeds on YouTube. 


On today’s winners on a Wednesday we meet Emmanuel Opepdu.

Emmanuel shares his journey to financial freedom. 

After stumbling across Samuel’s YouTube channel while looking for ways in which he could make more money Emmanuel soon became hooked on Samuel’s content. He recalls the first video he viewed where Samuel attended a HMO property with one of his students. Emmanuel then found Samuel’s book, buy low rent high, on amazon which led to him booking onto the property investors crash course, 

Emmanuel left the crash course feeling rejuvenated. He was very close to completion on a single buy to rent property but after learning of Samuel’s financial freedom strategies he decided to pull out of the deal last minute even though this led to him losing around two thousand pounds, he was now looking at the bigger picture. After the crash course Emmanuel had a lot of new information going around in his head, he now knew of the four strategies 

  • Single let deals
  • HMO (House of multiple occupancy)
  • SA (Serviced accommodation)
  • LOA (Lease option agreements) 

At this point, Emmanuel was confused as to which was right for himself. He continued to binge watch the Samuel Leeds YouTube channel and after seeing several winners on a Wednesday he decided serviced accommodation was the strategy he would use. 

Six months after attending the crash course Emmanuel secured his first serviced accommodation deal. He invested two and a half thousand into doing up the property and after deposits, fees and rent the total upfront investment was around five thousand pounds. Within the first fourteen days the property had made Emmanuel a profit of one thousand pounds and now runs with an average profit of sixteen hundred pounds per month. Emmanuel has gone on to secure a further eight serviced accommodation deals and is still hungry for further success. Financially free and with a current monthly profit of seven and a half thousand pounds Emmanuel has a goal in site. He wishes to secure eleven properties by the end of the year and make his mother financially free also. 

Samuel asks Emmanuel if he believes the information taught in the property investors programme could work for anyone, Emmanuel replies with a strong and firm yes, he believes any individual, if truly committed, can become financially free by putting into practice the concepts taught by Samuel.      

Emmanuel utilised all of the free information available to him via Samuel Leeds, he attended the free crash course and binged watched the free YouTube content. Today he is financially free but he believes had he had mentorship and direction he would have reached this financial freedom quicker. In hindsight Emmanuel states he would have invested in himself and paid for the mentorship Samuel offers to speed up the process.


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