How I Make Million Pound Decisions!

Samuel Leeds

How I Make Million Pound Decisions!

in this article, I’ll be giving you my number one secret to how I’ve managed to become successful in business and how I’ve become successful in property. Which t is, making decisions.


And it is the ability to not only make a good decision, but to make it quickly and in this article, I’m going to explain to you the reason as to why it’s really important to be able to actually make a decision quickly.

I’ll also explain why rich people and successful people spend their whole life making quick decisions over and over and that’s how they get to live their life which is how i live my life compared to people that are not so successful.

Poor and middle-class people spend their life talking, discussing, and analyzing while rich people come and make the decisions immediately.

You might disagree with me but this is just my opinion as i am just a full time decision maker. While speaking to my staff, they’ll have had a long meeting and ask what we are going to do and therefore, if I don’t quickly make a decision, all that’s going to happen is to put brakes on everything as everything’s going to be slow.

I really believe that if you want to be successful in property and if you want to build an empire and become successful in any business, you need to be able to make decisions quickly.

I will go through the process that i use to make decisions as I show you the formulas that i use to make them.

Samuel Leeds

It’s Okay to Make a Wrong Decision

One of the reasons as to why people are scared to make decisions is because they’re afraid to make the decision as they don’t trust themselves.

Therefore,the first thing you need is confidence and also note that you’re not always going to succeed but confidence to fail and learn from your mistakes is important for you to succeed.

You also needs all the information and data in order to make an informed decision, It’s all about knowing that you know and once you’ve done that, it just becomes very simple because then, once you’ve got all the data, you get a clear picture of what to decide on.

In business, when I’m buying real estate or when I’m hiring staff, I have to make decisions all the time and I always look at the best case scenario and later on, the worst case scenario as I need to have the data in front of me.

Once i know these three pieces of information and once i know the best case, the worst case and the likely case, i am almost in a position where i can make a decision that well informed.

When i was starting out in property, the first time i went into an estate agency, i remember standing outside the station shop window thinking, i don’t want to go inside I was scared and nervous.

I wondered whether I should go in or I should just go home and today, most people just don’t know what to do and they’ll do nothing because it’s like they are powerless.

I was thinking that the best case scenario is that I go into the estate agency and they’ll give me a deal and it’ll be my first deal towards building an empire but the worst case scenario was that they’ll say no we haven’t got any deals and they’ll kick me out and I’ll look stupid and feel embarrassed for a couple minutes.

But the likely case was that they won’t have any deals but I’ll get to learn a couple of things as I’ll grow my confidence and they might give me a lead in a couple of months down the line.

If i am talking to a friend and they’re about to go into an estate agency but they’re scared and they’re thinking should i not go in,my advice would be, always think of the best case, the worst case and then the likely case.

Just Go Do it

What would i advise my best friend to do to succeed? I’d probably just say, go do it and don’t hesitate to make quick decisions.

When you die, your tombstone is going to have two dates and a dash, and the little dash is called life. You and i know that life is so short and on our deathbed before we die, i don’t think we’re going to be looking back with regret saying, i wish I’d done less or i wish I’d not made those rash decisions.

I think when we die, we’re going to say, i wish I’d done more or if only I’d done that when i had the opportunity. I mean, I’ve known people that are such poor decision makers as I’ve offered to give them a free house and I’ve been like, hey do you want a house for free? sign here and you’ll get my house and they’ve been like, oh I need to speak to my wife but it’s a free house.

Most people cannot make decisions and i believe that’s what’s keeping people poor and therefore, if you want to succeed, do more and make quick decisions.

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How I Make Million Pound Decisions?

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