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I am a property investor who’s also a YouTuber that puts out educational videos and articles on property every single day.

I post a lot of educative content online alongside training programs teaching people about property for free through my articles.

I do have some paid training as well and people always ask me, Samuel, we get it, you do property and make a lot of money in property, but how much money do you get paid from YouTube and how much money did you get paid from being an influence?

In this article, I’m going to answer that question as ‘m going to show you exactly how much money YouTube pay me which is one of my biggest platform on social media.

Before I tell you how much YouTube pays me, I just want to say that, I never started doing YouTube videos to do with property as I was financially free in property and my first ever YouTube video was actually 10 years ago which was a little vlog of myself in Punjab, India.

I was there on a mission trip doing charity work in orphanages and just did a little vlog which I posted on YouTube and the reason I did that video was because my church asked me when I got back from the trip to see some video footage.

I also did a couple of other song videos on YouTube and at about five years ago, that’s when I started posting videos around property investing and it was more like a how-to video on ways to buy houses which was a vlog kind of style.

The reason I started YouTube was because I just wanted to show my friends and family, my church, my business connections, and my customers kind of what I was up to and what my business was about. I didn’t intend on being a YouTube and now fast forward some years, at 29 years old, I’m doing a YouTube video every single day and the reason I do these YouTube videos is more of the impact rather than for the actual money.

My training company that I have, which I guess is kind of indirectly off the back of my social media makes me no money at all. In fact, my training company at one time was profitable when it first started but then when we employed staff and our overheads went up, the training company right now is not particularly profitable and to be honest I don’t think it ever will be.

When you look at the most successful training companies in the world, there’s not that much money in training.

YouTube is the only platform that pays me money and I’m going to show you exactly how much money YouTube pays me through this article.

Samuel Leeds

Now if you look at my YouTube account, and this is what everybody can see when they go onto my YouTube you can see that I have 171,000 subscribers.

However, if you go to my YouTube studio, which is what the average people cannot see, you can see all the metrics.

If I go into my analytics, my estimated revenue in the last 28 days is 47 pounds, however, that is only estimated and i’m going to give you the full exact figures over the lifetime of my YouTube channel.

I’ve had 418,000 views in the last 28 days that is 22,000 less than usual it says 22 000 as I typically get between 441,583 which is about half a million views on average per month which is okay I guess.

I’ve had one and a half thousand new subscribers but it doesn’t matter because I only made 47 quid anyway.

For the engagement part of it, most of my viewers are aged between 25-34 years while 83% of them being male and 16% being females from the UK followed by united states enjoy my content on a daily basis.

You know when you’re watching a YouTube video and you see those ads that pop up, you don’t usually see them on my channel as I rarely put ads on my YouTube videos.

In total over the last seven days, I’ve earned nothing on YouTube and the reason i’m earning nothing at the moment is because there’s a problem with my Adsense as I haven’t verified my pin.

However, my pin hasn’t been verified since august 2019 and so over a year, I think what’s happened is that I’ve received a total paycheck or a total amount of 4,302 pounds from YouTube.

I haven’t actually claimed any of that money which means that all the money is still sitting in YouTube and until I get my pin sorted and claim that money, i’m unable to run ads on my channel.

You know what, I’m not really that bothered as I’ll probably at some point get the pin and get the money of which I’ll probably give to my charity or put it back into the business and employ more videographers to continue making more content.

I might also put it towards getting a drone or something that can up the quality of the footage and so I really don’t make that much money from YouTube. In fact, I haven’t made any money officially from YouTube as no money’s hit my bank account ever from YouTube.

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