How to Avoid Bad Tenants!! | Q&A SUNDAY!!

Samuel Leeds

How to Avoid Bad Tenants!! | Q&A SUNDAY!

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I’m looking at R2R’s and curious would it still be profitable in doing this with houses and then renting them out to a single tenant. Would this be silly or just too risky managing voids?

Question 2:

Which courses yours or any other would you recommend that teaches demonstrates negotiation?

Question 3:

Do you recommend an interest only or repayment mortgage for a RESIDENTIAL property?

Question 4:

Hi Samuel what should I do to avoid bad/non paying tenants?

Question 5:

Question. Are you paying attention on the the fact that the property that you buy is lease hold or free hold/ land wise.? Or does that matter either?

Question 6:

When you JV with the contractor and your have secured the piece of land cash. Do you JV 50:50 provided they will build and only or they do all the other expenses to rezoning and architectural fees, Structural etc.? please explain who pays for what in the JVs? Thanks

Question 7:

How much money is roughly needed to set up a fully compliant deal sourcing business?

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