How to Become a Property MILLIONAIRE by Grant Cardone & Samuel Leeds

Grant Cardone is an expert. His ability to capture everlasting moments during sales is something many people are not able to capture. How is he able to do this? Why does he feel real estate isn’t just short term investment but an investment for life?

How to become a property millionaire. This is something that many people are on a journey to achieve. Grant Cardone takes a seat with Samuel Leeds to discuss the future of property, why people are reluctant to take the first step forward and take a risk.

Grant is infatuated with sales this is his biggest drive in life. The ability to sell is something that not only is paramount in the field of sales but throughout life. Daily activates in life will require you to sell an idea. Grant brings an example of this when he was BUYING a Gulf Stream jet but it still required him to sell them on the idea of him getting one quicker than they first suggested.

To Grant, sales weren’t always his strength or something he even enjoyed. It wasn’t until his mid-20s when he understood the impact that sales can have.  Once his understanding of this becomes second nature he ran with the idea and in 2019 he has made millions and continues to go toe to toe with some of world biggest corporation.

He is in the business of buying real estate and not selling as he understands and knows the true value that property can have. The best advice he can give to people who want to obtain ultimate success be adventurous think bigger than you’ve ever can imagine.

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