How To Become Financially Free In 2020!

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How To Become Financially Free In 2020!

In this blog, I’m going to talk about how to become financially free in 2020! This works for even if you’re starting with little or no money.

One of the strategies that people have been scared to use in the past few months that had brought them a tremendous amount of money in the past is Rent-to-Rent in combination with serviced accommodation.

What is Rent-to-Rent in combination with serviced accommodation?


Rent-to-Rent is pretty simple; it’s when you find a property off of a landlord, and you give them a guaranteed rent. You do it under the correct management agreement, not an AST. You provide them with a fixed rent according to the agreement, and then you list the property on Airbnb; you list it on, and you rent it out per night. When you rent it out per night, what happens is you get a Super Rent. So you give the landlord a fixed rent, and you get a Super Rent, and the difference between the fixed rent and the Super Rent is yours!

Many of my students have become financially free over the past few years because of this strategy.

Now, some of the cons are that you have to find a property. But, it is an excellent strategy to become financially free in 2020.

What happened during the lockdown

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Here is the problem: serviced accommodation, i.e., when you list a property on Airbnb or during the lockdown, became impossible as hotels weren’t allowed to trade. Due to this reason, people have given the keys to their serviced accommodation back to their landlords. People have become scarred in their brains because of this!

HOWEVER, when people are scared, you should be greedy; observe the masses, and do the opposite. Lockdown is going to be lifted, and very soon, hotels will start accommodating! will start taking bookings, Airbnb will start taking reservations, and the landlords who were handed back their keys will come back into the business.

My suggestion to you!

I would suggest you do in the upcoming four-six weeks to learn, observe, and strategize. Find your area and a landlord, in four-six weeks, lockdown’s going to be lifted, and hotels will start taking bookings and BOOM!

Rent-to-Rent, combined with serviced accommodation in Britain, may bring you a profit of five-hundred to one-thousand pounds per month. How many of those do you need to replace your job? Four, or five? You can do that in the next few months!

A final word

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I hope you found this blog helpful. I’m going to conduct a webinar on this topic soon; you may log on to  to find more information regarding the webinar.

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