How to Become Financially Free in 2020!

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How to Become Financially Free in 2020!

Hey Whats up my name is Samuel Leeds in this blog I’m going to be talking about how to become financially free in 2020 even if you were starting with non or very little money.

So one of the strategies that people have been scared of over the last couple few months is a strategy that previously helped hundreds of people become financially free and that strategy is rent to rent combined with serviced accommodation.

Rent to rent is very simple when you find a property off of the landlord and you give them a guaranteed rent you do it under the correct management agreement not a nasty, under a management agreement you give them a fixed guaranteed rent and then you list the property on Airbnb you list it on and then you rent it out per night.


When you rent it out per night what happens is you get a super rent so you’re giving the landlord a fixed monthly guaranteed rent you’re renting it on a super rent this is called rent to rent and the differences between the rent and the super rent is yours and so many of my students over the last two three years have become financially independent from this strategy

Now some of the cons of this strategy of course are that you have to find the property that there’s things to do this is not get rich quick this is become financially free in 2020.

Now here’s the problem boom-boom-boom the problem is that serviced accommodation i.e. when you list the property on, on Airbnb during lockdown became impossible because hotels weren’t allowed to trade hotels weren’t allowed to rent their own rooms out so I mean some people were surviving but during lockdown it’s been really really hard because haven’t been taking bookings, serviced accommodation has basically been very very difficult during lockdown.


Samuel Leeds

As a result of that people have handed their keys back to the landlord people have fleed from the idea of rental serviced accommodation, people have been scarred in their brains from the idea of having a property where they’re paying a monthly guaranteed rent but they can’t rent it out themselves. 

However, when people are scared you should be greedy observe the masses and do the opposite what’s happening now lockdowns lifting what’s happening is very very very very soon hotels are going to start opening again and are going to start taking bookings and Airbnb is gonna start taking bookings and all these landlords that have been handed their keys back in a lot oh no I liked my guaranteed rent hello what’s the thing to do?

I would suggest rent to serviced accommodation is the thing to do so over the next four to six weeks what would I suggest you do you learn you strategize you find your area you start speaking to landlords in about four six weeks take the contract on.

Lockdown is lifted, hotel opened boom the average serviced accommodation rent around property in Britain will make you a profit of between 500 and 1,000 pounds per month how many of those do you need to replace your job? 

Four, five you can do that in the next six months that’s my suggestion if you’ve got questions about this strategy comment them below I’m also gonna be running a webinar very soon about this exact strategy so in the description box there’ll be a little bit more information on this free webinar I’m going to be running check it out book on the webinar I look forward to seeing you become financially free and interviewing you on my YouTube channel where we can share the success in about six months’ time.



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