How to Buy Property With NO MONEY | Samuel Leeds

People ALWAYS ask Samuel “Can you REALLY buy property using no money?”

Well, Samuel proves in this weeks video that it IS POSSIBLE, with himself AND his students doing exactly that – with some REAL-LIFE examples of how to do it!

Samuel shares with YOU the 4 different ways you can buy property without using any of your own money, sounds good, right?

And even better – this isn’t just theory, it’s practical, as Samuel has done ALL 4 of these methods AND helped dozens of others do the same!

So, let’s stop with the chatting and get to it!

Be open-minded don’t be one of those ‘it’s not possible’ kind of person and read on…



We all know what Lease Option Agreements are, right? This is where you buy a property TODAY, but pay for it LATER (generally 5 years later). Even better, at the end of the agreement, you have the option whether or not you buy it, that’s right, the option NOT the obligation!

This method means you are not putting anything down, you have immediate cash flow AND you are gaining from capital appreciation!

To learn more about Lease Option Agreements – head over to Samuel’s YouTube channel!


This is where two people come together with 50% value each. Now, you’re probably thinking, ‘surely, I’d need money for this?’, you DON’T!

You have to bring together 50/50 value each, NOT 50/50 money each!
So, if you know someone who you can joint venture with, or have a partner who has no other value to bring when investing in property other than CASH – think to yourself what you can bring…

Knowledge? Overseeing? Power Team? Property deal?

Remember, if your partner only has money but NO KNOWLEDGE, they can’t go on to be successful without YOU! And this way, you’ve used NO MONEY! But remember – look after yourself and get contracts SIGNED!


If you know how to buy property and make 20% Return on Investment (ROI), and know somebody who has £100k sat in the bank – why not use their money and get them a fixed return?

Give them 5% ROI on their money, which is better than what the bank will give them, you can then keep the extra money to yourself AND… you also have a FREE property!

Watch Samuel’s video below for more information on this, but remember to be CAREFUL and SMART!



Samuel’s current STUDENTS are using this method successfully, by borrowing money on a bridging loan to add value to a property!

Once the project is completed and value is added – REFINANCE the property, with a new lender, take the money out and the MONEY you get pays off the loans you borrowed… AND you will have yourself a property that you have put NO MONEY down towards!

Phew, how good does that sound?

It’s that easy!

So, now you know these methods, have your opinions changed?

Make sure you watch the video below and leave your comments!

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