How To Buy Your Dream House For Free?

Everyone wants to have live in the house of their dreams. Better yet could this be possible by using none of your own money?

In today’s mentoring Monday Samuel will give his loyal viewers the break down how it’s possible to get the home of your dreams. Doing this using one his favourite strategies a No Money Down Deal.

How is this even possible to own multi-million-pound homes without having to buy it? Many strategies within property allow you to venture into the unknown and come out on the other side with anything you have dreamed of.

Using no money down deals can help. Firstly finding the ideal landlord who is tired or open to the idea of doing a deal. Be open and upfront with them from the beginning. Let them know your intentions and what you are willing to offer them.

An example using this strategy could be paying £10,000 per month on your dream home that could be valued at £3million.  Having the obligation to purchase this property in five years. Using a lease option be sure that 10k per month you have been paying builds up over time. This will equal to £600k off the asking price when it comes time to purchase at the end of your lease.

Being creative in these kinds of situation in will help you secure a great deal. Getting the most out of the money you are prepared to spend.

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