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How to Develop a Power Team | Samuel Leeds

This week, we are talking all things POWER TEAMS!

Property Investor and millionaire Samuel Leeds discusses and explains to YOU the importance of having a power team and why it is so significant when taking the big leap into property investing…
So, let’s get back to basics!

Who does a Power Team involve? What are they needed for? Why is a Power Team so important?

Well, the biggest attraction in having a Power Team throughout property investing is that they make your journey STRESS-FREE (we all love that term!). You could be earning thousands of pounds a month by investing in property, but if you were having to do every single thing to get you there, that wouldn’t be financial freedom! By not having a Power Team, it takes away the luxury of having passive income without having to work by having the pressure of having to do EVERYTHING yourself.

Makes sense, right?

So, the big question. WHO DO YOU NEED IN YOUR POWER TEAM? You need a SAMUEL…
S – Solicitors
A – Accountant
M – Mortgage Broker
U – bUilder
E – Estate Agent
L – Letting Agent

Solicitor – Your solicitor will help you complete on a property and ensure everything is done with the property throughout the completion.

Accountant – Your accountant will ensure YOU can keep and make as much money as you can through your property investment (the main goal!). They can provide you with bespoke tax advice to ensure you have the maximum amount of profit at the end of every month!

Mortgage broker – This is somebody who can look at all the different loans you are able to have, work out which loan is best suited for you and your situation and look at your set up to get you the best rates as possible, remember – you can fix them!

Builder- Your builder can help with ANYTHING in relation to the building elements of the property.  Developments, construction, maintaining property, fitting smoke alarms, fire doors and ensuring that everything is at the correct standard to pass! (Remember, sister-company Power Whoosh are able to help with anything from overseeing, surveying and furnishing and dressing!)

Estate agent – It is important to have a close relationship with an estate agent throughout your property investment. They can ensure you buy a good deal, talk to you about off market deals, advise you of the best areas and negotiate with you. They literally are worth their weight in gold when they are working for you, understand you and understand property investments.

Letting agent – THE best part about property investing, not needing to have anything to do with your property once it is up and running. Your letting agent can manage the property for you, (if your property is a HMO, get a specialised HMO Manager), they will deal with lettings, collection of rent, communication with tenants, promote the property, conduct the viewing, conduct the moving’s, get all the contracts signed and give the keys – EVERYTHING, just pay them a percentage of your monthly rental income! (Sister-company Quick Move are a letting agent who manage property across the West Midlands!)
“Property Investing is THE best vehicle to financial freedom” – Samuel Leeds

Hassle free property investing won’t work if you do work, so get started, start finding deals, get your power team and make it happen!

To watch the FULL video, click on the link above!

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