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How To Do 40 Property Deals in 12 Months

How to do 40 property deals in 12 months – Samuel Leeds interviews Paul and Ann Waters


Have you ever wondered what your life could be like if you made the decision to invest in yourself and get educated in property and actually getting deals that result in you being financially free?


Your life could change in a matter of months just from taking one simple step in attending Samuel’s free 2 day property crash course. Paul and Ann Waters, started their journey in 2017 by attending this event, they signed up for advanced training and are now smashing it after securing over 40 property deals within 12 months!


Paul was working hard for 40 years as a self-employed floorer and Ann was helping in the business, managing the books. Like many people, they had worries and concerns regarding their future once Paul retired and wanted to secure their future financially.


In the interview with Samuel, the couple admit they had very little property experience and were ‘typical amateur’ investors with a couple of buy-to-let properties. They discuss and explain their fears going whilst throwing themselves into property full time. Paul’s flooring career has been his bread and butter for 40 years and he shares that “It’s hard to let go” when explaining why he still has not left his job despite now being financially free.

In this interview they go into detail on their current strategy which now involves, buying properties that need work, below market value (BMV), doing them up and refinancing them to pull their money out. Paul explains how with one deal they used their money earned through sourcing properties to finance the complete refurb on the property. On another deal, they had an ‘angel’ investor. This is an investor who comes along and “lends you money for a fixed term and for a fixed return on investment’. This enabled them to successfully complete work on that property without putting in any of their own money. How exciting is that?


There are so many strategies and clever ways to raise finance to do deals in property and Paul and Ann do not hold back in sharing this in this interview. They delve into the nitty gritty financial details of deals they have completed recently in Grimsby, which involve obtaining 100% bridging finance to buy properties to refinancing them and pulling most of their money out.


During the interview Samuel asks Paul and Ann what their biggest lessons over the last 12 months and they say you must:


  1. EDUCATE YOURSELF – You can buy the wrong property…[which] can be an expensive mistake. Also it is an investment in yourself and you will have the knowledge for life.
  2. TAKE ACTION – Once you’ve attended the course. It’s not all going to come to you, you have to go out there and work for it!


Deals like this are totally achievable and Paul and Anne agree that you have to have these three things to be successful


  1. Have the right knowledge
  2. Pay for education
  3. Put yourself at the right place at the right time


If you want to get the full details on how you can achieve this or more in just 12 months and hear what’s next for this couple, then watch the video above.


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