How to Document Your Property Journey to Attract Investors | Q&A Sunday w Samuel Leeds

Samuel Leeds

How to Document Your Property Journey to Attract Investors | Q&A Sunday w Samuel Leeds

00:59 Hi Samuel: loving the positive vibes and great advice. Quick question, is it possible to buy a property BMV with a fixed term BLT Mortgage, then re-finance it at the end of the fixed term at the current and higher market value either on a BTL or repayment mortgage, god bless Andrew West.

02:16 What do you recommend as a good starting point for a newbie to property investing? Step 1 I would say is co-deal sourcing to raise capital but which strategy is the best stepping stone after that?

03:09 Like your videos, where do you advertise your HMO rooms or do you give them to be fully managed by an agent? How do you have a “guaranteed rent ”? Thanks. J

03:43 Hi Samuel, What do you think of the recent house price increase from October? Do you also still believe that the house pricing will drop in the next 12 months? Iv started watching all your videos so keep up the good work.

05:24 Have you got experience in renting HMO properties to social housing tenants through government/council contracts? What are your thoughts on this method as opposed to renting to working professionals.

05:59 If you have the full address of a house, how would you research it to tell if it’s a good deal or not?

07:04 Hello samuel, I have seen your videos on bridging loans and how you use them to buy a property for cash in order to possibly buy it for less. However I get a bit weary when I think about if I my offer got accepted and I then went to apply for a bridging loan and they didn’t accept. Would it be better to apply for a bridging loan before you make an offer for a property to make sure you will be accepted or would it be better to make sure your offer is accepted before you apply for the loan.

08:18 How can I document my property journey so that I can convince people to work with me in the future ( without going doing the route of filming myself? )

09:57 Do you have any 5-6 hmos with a with a license? or do you stick to 4 beds?

10:21 I’m interested in BRRR could I use a buy to let mortgage instead of a bridging loan to buy the property then refinance once the refurb work is complete? If one is better than the other can you explain why? Thanks for all the videos you put up, keep up the hard work you do!

11:52 I’m in the process of a BRRR deal but because of lockdown my solicitors have backed out as they cannot work so what should I do

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